Steve Leaver
Simply enjoying life

Steve Leaver

My personal philosophy is to focus on trying to do what I enjoy, whilst always trying to enjoy what I do.

Helping others to develop their own version of this philosophy (individually or collectively) is one of the things I most enjoy. The benefits it can reap for individuals are life changing. For businesses the benefits can be enormous, with highly motivated people doing what they enjoy, and enjoying what they do

Leadership Development & Coaching

The focus of my work is to raise performance by creating conscious capability - helping people understand the full range of their capabilities. I work with capable individuals and teams in senior positions to enable peak performance by exploring hidden depths, acting as a performance catalyst.

A wide range of leadership coaching and development options can be found at www.peakdepths.com including links with another of my passions . . .

Scuba Diving

Introducing people to the world of scuba diving, or simply enjoying the underwater world. As a qualified PADI instructor (Master Scuba Diver Trainer), I enjoy diving for it's own sake, but I also enjoy helping others to discover this facinating and relaxing activity.

I maintain professional links with an excellent dive shop and dive school called DiveStyle at www.divestyle.co.ukOne exciting possibility I offer, is the chance to link scuba diving experiences to your personal and professional development - see www.peakdepths.com

Wholelife Balance

I am involved with many different groups, in all sorts of ways, which all contribute to a balanced and eclectic lifestyle. This wholelife balance is something I'd encourage others to investigate.

I work with schools and young people through my role as chairman & trustee of the Education Business Partnership (West Berkshire) and as a volunteer mentor with the local authority. I also get involved with the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust, the Royal Berkshire Show, and the National Trust.

Contact Information

To contact me
telephone: +44 (0) 7836 622442 or email

For leadership coaching and development
www.peakdepths.com or email steve@peakdepths.com